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Natural Stone Suppliers in {Negara}

Natural Stone Suppliers in Indonesia (Best Quality)

Do you need a high quality natural stone suppliers in Indonesia? You may intend to install natural stone tiles, natural stone walls, paving, veneer or any others installation. It is a reasonable thing to find numerous natural stone suppliers from the country of Indonesia. It is that way because the archipelago of Indonesia is home to tons of resources from nature. Moreover, it is famous as an exporter of raw materials all around the world. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to find the one that is reputable for international transactions. Among the best companies to consider in this particular field is the Indonesian Stones.

The Company is not a newly born business that provides beautiful natural stones. Thus, it has experience and history in providing the best quality products, especially for the international market. In short, all things about pieces of stone are under the specialization of the company. Of course, it has a long list of products to offer. Among them is the elegant-looking natural white pebble. There is no need to worry if the company does not have the natural stones you need.

Of course, Indonesian Stones is not just selling and delivering the many products of natural stone flooring in Indonesia. It offers a service of free shipping for its customers. So, there is no need to worry about spending extra cash to pay for the delivery itself. It is one of the things within this business’ commitment to the best service. Imagine paying a lot of money to bring heavy rocks to your country or region? Well, that is one less thing to worry about when purchasing from this company.

Natural Stone Supply Indonesia}

As one of the best natural stone suppliers in Indonesia, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. It adds another security and confidence in expecting the items from Indonesian Stones. It underlines the fact that it only provides the best quality stones. The company has no worries at all that worldwide customers will be disappointed by the products. Therefore, it offers money-back warranty service for all customers. Why bother looking for other suppliers?

Another thing to expect from this company is its expert gardening tips. Of course, gardening relates to natural stones in many ways. The addition of beautifully looking stones to any garden can be crucial. Therefore, Indonesian Stones comes with top-notch tips and tricks in optimizing various landscaping ideas and designs. It has a wide array of selections in terms of natural stone paving. Altering a small front yard into a beautiful and dense garden is not a problem with the help of this company.

The Products

When it comes to the available products, Indonesian Stones has it all. That makes it to be among the reputable natural stone suppliers in Indonesia from the archipelago of Indonesia. You will find any form, design, and size of stones that come straight from nature in its list of products. Of course, each one of the products comes with specific appeals. In short, the company is ready to accommodate all sorts of needs for appealing natural stones for any space and purpose around the world.


Natural Stone Supply in Indonesia

So far, there are sixteen different products that Indonesian Stones offers. They are all available on its official website at Of course, there are more variations to consider accordingly on each one of the products on the list. In short, the selection is almost limitless. The variations are unreal that include different origins of the stones. For example, there is the so-called natural red lava pebble among the choices. It is only one of the many other items to get from this business.

It is reasonable for natural color stone suppliers to offer pebble as one of the products. In terms of this type of natural stone, Indonesian Stones come in seven different variations. It means that you can find the most appealing one for you. It is possible to create dashing red landscaping with a red pebble from this company. It is perfect to accompany colorful flowers in your small garden. More importantly, the pebble is a versatile type of stone. It is easy to use for almost anything.

Green pebble, red pebble, red lava pebble, black grey pebble, white pebble, black lava pebble, and pebble mosaic are available to choose accordingly. Each one of them is available in dry, wet, and dry/wet options. Some other natural stone suppliers in Indonesia may not have those variations. Keep in mind that it is only the variations of one product from Indonesian Stones. There are more items to browse from the available list of products to deliver to you.

Another product to consider is the so-called natural stone tile mosaic. Do you need a natural stone tile in Indonesia? It does not come as individual pieces of stone. Yet, it is a tile that incorporates stones as the material. Therefore, it is perfect to use as either a flowing or wall covering purpose. There are six variants of this so-called mosaic tile. It consists of marble mosaic, finger mosaic, parquet mosaic, pattern mosaic, unusual mosaic, and pebble mosaic. Imagine the things to accomplish with those tiles.

Furthermore, there are more options for the mosaic stone tile within those types. For example, the finger mosaic comes with a total of 18 variations. Meanwhile, the marble mosaic has nine different choices to consider. The extensive options of product variations are beneficial for anyone that includes you. It means that you can be as creative as you want to beautify your landscaping ideas and designs. Of course, those items are of the best quality that Indonesian Stones can provide.

Natural Color Stone Indonesia

Gravel is another product that this business offers. There are four different types of gravel to purchase from this one of the best worldwide natural stone suppliers in Indonesia. AQ gravel, AK gravel, ABK gravel, and Orange gravel are the available variations of this product. For this particular product, the options of each type are only wet, dry, and dry/wet variations. Nevertheless, it is enough to accommodate the requirements of many gardening enthusiasts in designing their garden.

Some others who are creative enough can create a natural stone wall using gravel, we offer natural stone wall supply in Indonesia. It is not an easy thing to do at all. Nevertheless, the outcome can be highly satisfying to enjoy. There are many home improvement channels on the internet to look for unique ideas about it. In short, Indonesian Stones is ready to provide the highest quality natural stones for any project in your mind. The best quality of the products ensures the best result at the end.

Why Should You Use Natural Stone?

An artistic impression will radiate when your home is installed with natural stone appropriately and proportionally. But did you know, there are more benefits than just art decoration when you use natural stone at home or work? Here are many reasons why the installation of natural stone is very important.

  1. Strengthening Buildings

This is the most realistic reason why people are interested in involving natural stone in home decoration. Even so, you have to sort out which natural stone paving can be relied on to strengthen the building, and which ones are not. Stones have different strength scales. On a scale of 1-10, granite has a high level of hardness, which is in the number 6-7. Meanwhile, quartzite is at number 7. You can choose these stones for art as well as to strengthen the building.

Natural Color Stone in Indonesia

Meanwhile, marble and limestone have a strength level of 3-4 while skates are at 2.5-4. When you work with the best Natural Stone Suppliers in Indonesia, like, make sure you get information about the type of stone and its strength level. The expert team from the supplier should be able to provide clear answers and the best recommendations.

  1. Boost Property Prices

The installation of natural stone is like an investment. Installation and workmanship costs may be expensive, but this is not in vain because the value of your property will skyrocket. Especially if you use expensive stones such as marble or granite. The use of other types of natural stones, such as natural color stones, also has an artistic value which will increase property prices.

  1. Awaken the Cool Feel of Nature

The convenience factor is another reason for installing natural stone tiles or natural stone walls. The basic property of natural stone is “thermal inertia”. That means, it can store heat and not directly deliver it. The use of natural color stone will also evoke a comfortable and intimate atmosphere like when you are in a cool nature.

Natural Colour Stone Indonesia


  1. Maintenance is Easy and Environmentally Friendly

Natural stone flooring is not easy to get dirty, so you can easily clean it as you clean other hard objects. Whatever the type, it is not easily attached to animal hair or fine dust. On the other hand, this material is also environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and is multifunctional. Even for natural stone that is old, you can still use it with some special measures. So be clear to choose a trusted natural stones suppliers in Indonesia.

Many natural stone suppliers around the world recommend natural stones for multiple purposes. There is only one simple reason for this thing. Stones are timeless for years to come. Anything made of stone will remain beautiful for ages. More importantly, natural rocks are tough and durable. There is no need to worry about the degradation and deterioration of the items. Moreover, it is versatile enough to incorporate in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Natural Stone Suppliers Indonesia

Stones are available in some unique variations as well. For example, Indonesian Stones offers the so-called natural stone veneer. It comes with a high level of resilience and durability. Furthermore, it displays imperfections and irregularities of the stone. Nevertheless, it can be very appealing for some people. In short, there are limitless variations and possibilities to consider when using stones. It is possible to transform any idea into reality when incorporating natural rocks of any kind. So, if you need natural stone veneer in Indonesia, we can be your trusted manufacture.

More importantly, natural stones such as sliced stones tile are weather resistant. There is no need to worry about the weather and climate in your region or country. Natural stones come from nature under the most extreme circumstances. Even the creation process can be very long. Therefore, there is no need to question the overall quality of natural stones in any variation. So, why bother thinking about other materials? Natural stone is your best choice for many things in mind.

Looking for The Best Natural Stone Suppliers in Indonesia?

Indonesian Stones is not just selling the many variations of natural stones. It is open to any form of discussion with customers upon purchasing the items. It is necessary to talk about the ideas of the project in mind before making the purchase. Expert natural stone suppliers Indonesia will know many things that are concerning the products. There is no need to hesitate the customer service of this company to ask and talk about the products. It helps define the best choices of the materials to purchase.

Natural Colour Stone in Indonesia

Aside from that matter, it is easy to choose Indonesian Stones as a supplier when you need natural stones from Indonesia. The country has tons of potentials when it comes to the available natural resources. It means that the uniqueness of the stones is going to be among the best options. Numerous volcanoes in Indonesia provide beautiful stones. Most of the products of this company may not be available in many other natural stone suppliers from around the world.

There are numerous items made of natural stones as well that this company offers. Things like bathtubs and sinks made of stone are there in its catalog. With Indonesian Stones, the beauty of natural stones is in your hands. You can enjoy the beauty and many benefits of this resource from nature. So, do not hesitate to contact us, the high quality natural stone suppliers in Indonesia. For further information you can contact us by whatsapp at +6281230774264 or look our stones catalogue HERE.

La pierre Naturel est un rocher qui arrive de la nature, et il est généralement utilisé dans le cadre du construction d’un bâtiment. Nous pouvons utiliser cette roche comme base de la maison, le particulier intérieur, et même l’extérieur. Bien que presque tous soient des roches naturels, mais pas toutes sortes peut être utilisé pour construction ou la décoration nécessite d’un construction. Les roches qui peuvent être utilisées sont des pierres qui ont de fortes caractéristiques. Pas seulement cela, la douceur et le style de les rochers sont généralement importants dans le évaluation. La pierre naturelle elle-même est séparée en 3 sortes, à savoir la pierre naturelle pour la construction, la pierre organique pour la construction mass media, et précieuse pierre naturelle. Le prix de organique devrait en effet être vraiment cher par rapport à la céramique ou le papier peint, mais la pierre naturelle murs peut ajouter à la valeur de vente de la maison. Ce mur de pierre naturel sera bien adapté pour divers types d’intérieur style, allant de minimaliste, traditionnel, intérieurs traditionnels, à habitations avec Méditerranée architecture de maison.